"Please restore hopes to Kids in poverty!"

For children living in developing countries who are striving day by day for basic necessity, education may still sound like a fairy tale.
Their only chance out of poverty is education.
Our donation does not only gives them this chance, it also restores their right to pursue their happiness.


one to one sponsor
Help an individual Kid through highschool with a heart of a parent by being their sponsor.
Sponsor a kid with 30,000 KRW (per month?).
donate building educational infrastructure
Sponsor local educational infrastructure.
Your donation will be used in building schools, library, afterschool classes. You can choose the place where you want to donate (To appoint a specific place of donation, please note that your donation has to exceed a certain amount)

Choosing and managing donation

With the help of Korean Catholic Convent(Order) and local NGO, we sponsor local children until 18 and they graduate high school.